Catholic Coffee: Saint Peter Medium Roast (K-Cups, Pack of 12)

Trinity Road - November 6, 2023


UPC # 9730008K

Product Description

Quickly and easily brew a hot cup of St. Peter Medium Roast Coffee with our handy K-cups.

St. Peter is the Rock on whom Jesus built His Church. As the first pope, Peter shepherded Christ’s first followers. And throughout history, Peter’s successors have led the Universal Church, urging us to keep our eyes on God.

The St. Peter Parish Roast is smooth, balanced… and perfect for all tastes. A daily reminder that we’re all united under the Catholic Church.

  • Pack of 12 K-Cups
  • St. Peter Medium Roast
  • Quickly and easily brew a delicious cup of Catholic Coffee
  • Single origin Honduran beans
  • Catholic Coffee Exclusive