A Year of Catholic Stickers

Catholic Family Crate - March 1, 2024


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Product Description

Make your calendar Catholic! (Or just have awesome Catholic stickers!) Includes over 360 stickers.

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives, staying connected to our faith and its essential moments can sometimes be challenging. That's why we came up with our A Year of Catholic Stickers Pack, made exclusively to help you live out your Catholic faith even with the busiest of schedules. With these thoughtfully designed stickers, you'll effortlessly keep track of important feast days and events, ensuring you're always rooted in your faith. For years we have had various different calendar stickers in our subscription box and it's always been one of our subscribers' favorite items - now we've combined the YEARS of calendar stickers we've made into one massive pack for you!

What stickers are included?

  • Specific Feast Days: 108 unique stickers for some of the most popular Catholic feast days
  • Baptismal Anniversaries: 18 stickers to mark the Baptismal Anniversaries for your family, godchildren, and anyone else's baptismal anniversary you want to remember!
  • Generic Feast Days: 18 stickers that just say "feast day" to mark any special feast days that your family likes to remember that are not covered in our 108 specific feast days stickers. Love to celebrate the feast of St. Hubert? Well, this is how you can mark his feast day! ;)
  • Patron Saint Days: 10 stickers to mark Patron Saint Day's. Use these stickers to mark the saints' feast days your family memebers are named after, your confirmation saints, particular saints you have a strong devotion to, etc.
  • Adoration Stickers: 80 monstrance stickers to mark days you want to visit Jesus.
  • Eucharist Stickers: 70 Eucharist stickers to mark days you plan to add Mass.
  • Confession Stickers: 56 confessional stickers to plan out making it to confession this year.


  • Includes over 350 stickers!
  • 13 sheets
  • Packed in cello bag w/hangtag