A Stained Glass Rosary

A Stained Glass Rosary

Kate Frantz, Thy Olive Tree - October 26, 2021
ISBN-13: 9781735440590
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive


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Product Description

A Stained Glass Rosary cleverly pairs a modern and sleek design with the richness of traditional sacred art to transform how you pray the Rosary. Increase prayerful focus and deepen your meditation as you become immersed in the 20 mysteries of the Rosary through stained glass masterpieces from the 13th - 17th centuries.

With limited distractions and containing just enough content without being overwhelming, A Stained Glass Rosary is designed to be used while praying. Each turn of a page reveals a mystery of the Rosary with its corresponding full-page stained glass art, spiritual fruit, and a Printed Bead Tracker. Simply move your thumb down the page of beads to keep your place, allowing the colors of the tracker to pull you into the scene of the stained glass.

While designed for adults, A Painted Rosary is suitable for older children as well. It is perfect for those learning to pray the Rosary, those who want to pray on the go, and especially for those who desire to enter more deeply into the mysteries of the Rosary and the life of Christ.