Woman Thou Art Loosed: A Guided Journal for Healing & Wholeness

T. D. Jakes , Hachette - August 9, 2022
ISBN-13: 9780768463668
Book Format: Paperback

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Product Description

More than a blank page journal or fill-in-the-blanks exercise, this guided journal from Bishop T.D. Jakes provides a unique format for readers to explore their hearts, minds, desires, needs, wants, and spirits to manage their everyday lives, leading to an exciting lifestyle of health and happiness.

After reading specially selected excerpts from T.D. Jakes' bestselling books, readers are prompted with comments, scenarios, and questions designed to identify and/or stir up energies and emotions, secrets and situations that may be holding them back from experiencing freedom spiritually, physically, relationally, mentally, and emotionally.

With Scripture and inspirational writings by T.D. Jakes, readers can partner with the Holy Spirit to seek and find solace, joy, strength, and liberty. The journal focuses specifically on the uniquely personal aspects of women’s issues, and is designed to inspire and edify every reader to ponder her private dreams, yearnings, ideas, and musings.

Journal page titles include:

  • Identify Yourself
  • The Devil Is a Liar
  • The Divine Physician
  • Moved by Compassion
  • Salvation Is Not Theology
  • Possibility and Power