Time to Rejoice Coloring Book

Fox Chapel Publishing - May 29, 2024
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Product Description

Express your faith through color!

  • 36 uplifting designs featuring poignant hymns and bible verses, from Amazing Grace to John 3:16
  • Stained glass style line art, with intricate designs that come to life as you add color
  • One-side-only designs so you don't have to decide which to color and which to sacrifice
  • Perforated pages detach easily, to color on a different surface or for display of your completed art
  • Full verses are found on the back of each design, including Bible chapter and verse, hymn date, or composer
  • The perfect gift for a friend or family member in need of hope, faith, comfort, or inspiration

This beautiful coloring book features awe-inspiring scenes and designs inspired by the most popular hymns and often quoted bible verses, from How Great Thou Art to Genesis 1:1 and Philippians 4:9, so you can explore your faith through creativity.

Each detailed coloring page is drawn in a stunning stain-glass style, reminiscent of Cathedral glass — the beautiful windows found in churches — and featuring intricacies that come to life as color is added. The designs are all one-sided, with a partial hymn or verse incorporated into the coloring pattern. On the back, you'll find the corresponding full hymn or verse, along with the original hymn date, composer, or Bible chapter and verse.

You'll learn how to shade, blend, and choose your colors and tools carefully with the help of a color theory guide, along with the best uses of each type of coloring medium. An inspirational gallery is also included showing many finished colored examples by adult colorists to help spark your imagination.

With a gorgeous, embossed cover, this adult coloring book makes a thoughtful gift for a friend of faith, offering hope and encouragement to someone in the hospital, undergoing cancer treatment, or going through tough times.

Reflect on favorite hymns and Bible verses as you allow God's Word into your heart through your creativity, with Time to Rejoice Coloring Book!