The Divine Matchmaker

The Divine Matchmaker

Joel and Casey Johnson, Courtright - June 28, 2018
ISBN-13: 9780982496794
Book Format: Paperback

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If God is a matchmaker and knows everything about you, and everything about everyone, wouldn’t he know who your perfect match is? If he’s truly working behind the scenes trying to match you up with the right person, wouldn’t it make sense to ask God for help uncovering who that person is? It worked out well for Abraham’s servant and, ultimately, for Isaac and Rebekah. It might just work out well for you too.

God’s divine handiwork has united many hearts with their True Love. This can be observed all throughout Scripture and attested to by many who have followed his matchmaking advice today. We’ll share some of his time-tested tips, secrets, and wisdom―so if you decide to use his services, you’ll know how he works and be a little ahead of the game. We really hope you’ll use him. There’s no one who’s been at it longer or is better at it than he. However, if you do choose to go with him, you must remember―though his principles on love are timeless―he never brings two hearts together the same way. Here’s to your match made in heaven!