The Boy Who Was Bold

Adam Griffin, Broadman Holman - October 17, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781087788432
Book Format: Hardcover

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Product Description

If there is one essential characteristic this generation of children needs, it's boldness. More and more, kids will be seen as odd, weird, or strange if they choose to follow Jesus. However, this is not the first time in history that boldness has been required to serve God. After all, a young boy in first-century Nazareth perfectly displayed boldness: Jesus Christ Himself.

In The Boy Who Was Bold, author Adam Griffin follows the theme of boldness throughout Jesus's life and ministry. When twelve-year-old Jesus stood in the temple and taught God's Word from scrolls, He started a domino effect of boldness that we read about throughout the Gospels. Jesus boldly proclaimed God's Word and demonstrated kindness to the underserved and abused. He even boldly gave His life so we would have the opportunity to be bold with Him.

In thirty-two magically illustrated pages, The Boy Who Was Bold tells and shows kids what Jesus's boldness might have looked like so they can choose boldness in their own lives. Readers ages 4-8 will find the beauty in godly oddness and be empowered to follow Jesus courageously.