The Beloved Word: A Scripture Journal

Joanne Fink, Fox Chapel - April 11, 2018
ISBN-13: 9781641780261
Book Format: Hardcover
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive

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Product Description

Integrate God's Word with your everyday life through this inspiring journal!

  • Faith-based personal journal featuring beloved Scripture verses
  • Beautifully illustrated with Joanne Fink's inspirational line and color illustrations
  • Cherished Scripture passages stimulate you to think and reflect as you connect your thoughts with the Lord and grow in your faith
  • 126 lined pages with plenty of room for expressive writing and reflection
  • Hardcover with beautiful end papers
  • Made of the highest quality materials, with archival-quality, acid-free, 200-year paper—perfect for pen or pencil

The Beloved Word is designed to help you read cherished Bible verses afresh and open you to new insights.

This beautiful hardcover journal features plenty of lined pages to creatively express your faith, accompanied by an uplifting selection of favorite Scripture passages to stimulate reflective thinking and writing about God's faithful Word.

Talented author and award-winning designer Joanne Fink provides beautiful color illustrations throughout the book. Attractively designed and made of the highest quality materials, this finely crafted journal will encourage you to connect your thoughts with the Lord, and grow in faith.