The 1947 Freedom Train (Hardcover)

Kathy Maggart, Kathie Eidson, Freedom Train For Kids - March 3, 2017
ISBN-13: 9780989578103
Audiences: Child
Book Format: Hardcover
Format: Book

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Product Description

The children's book, "The 1947 Freedom Train" is a captivating, fictional story based on the real-life event of the 1947 Freedom Train. The Freedom Train traveled all around America carrying the nation's vital founding documents for viewers of all ages to see. This journey inspired patriotism, respect of our nation's military heroes and appreciation of our great freedoms. Amazingly, this story so rich in American history was forgotten for many years. Thanks to the patriotic efforts of the authors, children and parents alike will relish learning about this historical adventure while enjoying the beautiful illustrations. This book is a great teaching tool for any school and also a wonderful read for children, who are all naturally fascinated with trains. Recommended read-aloud for ages 5-7 and an independent read for ages 8 and up. All aboard!