Sheriff Adonai: The Dancer's Letter

Sheriff Adonai: The Dancer's Letter

D. Keith Jones, Sheriff Adonai, LLC - October 25, 2017
ISBN-13: 9781532309755
Book Format: Paperback
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Product Description

Sheriff Adonai, The Dancer’s Letter, is the latest installment in the series. Every Monday morning at the Rock Springs Jail had begun the same way for over twenty years. From his dusty cell, Jamison Hunt religiously took out pen and paper and in an attempt to pour out his contrition, wrote a letter directly from his broken heart. But the words of a broken father were never read; each envelope was returned with a red stamp declaring the letters were “Unclaimed”. Some say she relished in his demise and even hosted a party at the announcement of his death.

Believing their family members were now in Havenwood, Bracken, Heather and Samuel’s journey to learn more about their missing loved ones will take them back to the abandoned homestead of Mr. Hunt. After finding clues outlining the horrific events which occurred inside the Hunt cabin, Bracken makes the decision to finish what his father, Misief, had started years earlier.

-How far would you go to try to seek forgiveness
from the one you hurt so badly?
-Can they even find her after so many years?
-Can the sins of a father ever be forgiven?

This powerful story, which is filled with adventure, suspense, love, and mystery, will enrich your heart and remind you of the overwhelming power of forgiveness!