She Persisted

Kathy Crabb Hannah, Hannah House Publishing - May 8, 2018
ISBN-13: 9781933876255

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Product Description

she persisted. is told by Kathy Crabb Hannah, the Crabb Family's mom and manager. The highly anticipated sophomore release reaches into Kathy's childhood for a brief glimpse of what could have been, followed by a sometimes shocking ride down the road of truth. It speaks to every woman who has ever said, "I can't. It's too much this time."

The riveting stories of abuse, grief, addiction, heartbreak, and many miracles, are raw and personal. Kathy gives voice to herself and ALL of the victims and victors! She leaves nothing to the imagination. she persisted. is completely unfiltered and is woven with the stories of the STRONGER journey. However, it focuses on the bigger-than-life God-moments and perpetual HOPE!

Kathy walks us through the surprises that came when a grandmother of sixteen decided to throw her personal agenda to the wind and live out the last season of her life encouraging the broken, the voiceless, and the forgotten. she persisted. is clearly the Christian approach to a #metoo world, from a writer that understands that life ain't always fair, but God is always good. Before there was a universal cry to exonerate victims and their truth, this manuscript of truth was being written. The secrets of the church rival the atrocities of the world at times, but she persisted. clearly directs the reader to the truth of God's word, without compromise.

she persisted. solidifies Kathy Crabb Hannah as a writer that has chosen to speak truth at all costs. Clearly, Kathy and her writings are here to stay.