Put the Disciple into Discipline: Parenting with Love and Limits

Erin MacPherson, Ellen Schuknecht, Hachette - June 20, 2017
ISBN-13: 9781478918097
Book Format: Paperback

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Product Description

What do you say when your kid has really messed up?

How do you respond when your three-year-old is throwing pennies at other carts as you walk through the aisles at Target? Or when your eight-year-old daughter rolls her eyes in a dramatic fit of preteen angst? Or when your sixteen-year-old son is lying as he attempts to go somewhere that he never should be?

These are the tough moments in parenting.

But they are also the moments that will define your kids.

We want to give parents the tools they need to truly disciple their kids through their most trying discipline situations. With these tools, parents can guide their kids' hearts towards the God who loves them deeply, and survive those pull-out-your-hair parenting moments. We pray that PUT THE DISCIPLE INTO DISCIPLINE will help parents to connect with their kids in a heartfelt way so that their kids, in turn, can connect with the God who created them to be truly and imperfectly His.