Pamphlet: Where To Find Favorite Bible Verses

Rose Publishing, Tyndale - January 16, 2024
ISBN-13: 9781596361959

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Product Description

A nerve-wracking job interview. A last-minute Bible study to lead. A difficult divorce. A big financial windfall or loss. Sometimes we need wisdom or insight for a big event, decision, or life change and we need it quickly. Where better to turn than God’s Word?

Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses has hundreds of Bible verses organized by topics so you can find the Scripture reference you want quickly and easily. Some of the topics include:

  • God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus
  • Words of Comfort and Strength
  • Old Testament events, the Life of Jesus, and the Book of Acts/The Early Church
  • Money and Prayer
  • And much more!

You will refer to Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses again and again as you look through the Bible for the important "nuggets" of wisdom that can only be found in the Scriptures.

Depending on the topic, Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses provides a short portion of Scripture along with the location in the Bible. Other topical lists, such as Old Testament Events and the Teachings and Parables of Jesus, have a short description and the scripture reference. For example:

  • Joseph and his brothers―Genesis 37, 39-47
  • Moses and the Burning Bush―Exodus 3:1-10
  • Fall of Jericho―Joshua 6:1-25
  • Daniel in the Lion's Den―Daniel 6
  • and many more!

Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses is designed to fit inside most Bibles, so you can have this important resource available when you need it. You will want to buy extra copies of Where to Find Favorite Bible Verses so you can give them out as gifts, stick them in different Bibles around the house or give one to a friend who could use some comfort from God's Word.