Pamphlet: Palm Sunday To Easter

Rose Publishing, Tyndale - March 20, 2024
ISBN-13: 9781596367401

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Product Description

Packed with charts, diagrams, and simple summaries, this quick-reference pamphlet―Palm Sunday to Easter―covers the important teaching and events of Jesus’ life throughout Holy Week. Discover how Jesus’ death and resurrection fulfilled over 22 Old Testament prophecies. This pamphlet is perfect for individual reference, an Easter Bible study, Easter Sunday school lessons, and homeschool Bible curriculum. Go day-by-day through the week leading up to Jesus’ resurrection and hour-by-hour leading up to his death on the cross.

Palm Sunday to Easter Features Incredible Visuals and Bible Study Tools

  1. Map and Diagram of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus that walks you day by day through the week leading up to Jesus’ death and Resurrection
  2. Easily see where each of the key events leading up to Jesus’ death occurred with this labeled, detailed, and drawn-to-scale diagram of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus.Timeline Showing 22 Key Events as They Occurred Hour-by-Hour before Jesus’ Crucifixion
  3. This clock diagram/timeline shows 22 key events as they happened hour-by hour leading up to Jesus’ death. It starts with Jesus being taken before Pilate and ends with his death on the cross. Explains Jesus’ last words on the Cross, the words of the thieves crucified next to Jesus, and centurion’s confession, from the 3rd Hour (about 9 am) to the 9th Hour (6 pm) when Jesus died. It uses Roman (modern) expression of time as well as Jewish.Diagram of a Tomb from Jesus’ Time
  4. This detailed diagram shows the layout of a typical tomb from Jesus’ day. Includes measurements and layout of key portions of the tomb, including the rollaway stone at the entrance. (Optional: This Jesus Tomb diagram is an excellent floor plan for creating a rolling stone model for your Sunday school or homeschool.)Easy-to-follow chart covering 22 Old Testament Prophecies and their New Testament Fulfillment by Jesus’ Death and Resurrection.