Oh, Baby! Devotions for New Parents

Various, Dayspring - February 15, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781644549872
Book Format: Hardcover

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Product Description

Bringing a baby into the world comes with excitement, apprehension, unexpected blessings, and surprising challenges for new moms and dads. And you don't have to face any of it alone. Your heavenly Father promises to strengthen and equip you to be the parent you long to be. When you can t face one more dirty diaper or one more sleepless night, the truths and encouragement in this devotional will give you the courage to continue. Each daily devotion reminds new parents that God is close to them and is intimately interested in their feelings, worries, and fears surrounding parenthood.

Discover how you can find peace, joy, and grace on your new parenting journey and how God walks with you through every high and every low.