Coloring Book: Jesus In My Heart, Coffee In My Hand

Various, MPS - January 31, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781250285560
Book Format: Paperback
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive

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UPC # 9781250285560

Product Description

With Jesus, caffeine, and coloring, you’re ready for whatever the day brings!

Be strong in the Lord and the mighty power of caffeine. (Wasn’t that in Ephesians 6?) Every page of Jesus in My Heart, Coffee in My Hand will fill your daily cup with faith, hope, and humor and help you spill goodness and blessings wherever you go. Break out your colored pencils or crayons and color softly like the gentle whisper of God to Elijah. Or color boldly like the voice of loud thunder from heaven in Revelation. Either way, you’ll find calm and strength in set-apart time for coloring.

- Invite Jesus in as you get creative with more than 30 pretty illustrations, complete with messages and Scripture references that reflect both the joys and challenges of living a life of faith
- As you color, lift your latte in gratitude for God’s goodness―from uninterrupted showers to patience in trying situations
- Celebrate the simple moments that give you a boost―from time with dogs to Sunday afternoon naps
- Discover joy and laughter in your crazy yet Christ-filled days
- Share your masterpieces with your friends in faith

We know it’s by His strength, not ours, that we get by. Caffeine and coloring help. So turn to Jesus in My Heart, Coffee in My Hand when you need a reminder to drink in the good and pass by all the extra. God’s got this.