Bible Word Search (Large Print)

Brain Games, Phoenix Publications International - September 15, 2018
ISBN-13: 9781640303829
Book Format: Spiral Bound
Exclusive: New Day Exclusive
Group: Educational

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Product Description

Love the fun of a word search but not so crazy about the strain of reading the clues and circling the tiny letters? Then this is the book for you! More than 80 word search puzzles featured in Brain Games® Large Print Bible Word Search are each spread out across two full pages, providing an easy-to-see format. Not only will you be flexing your mental muscle, you'll be using Bible knowledge to do it. Every puzzle here is sure to pack plenty of Bible challenges. So pick up a pencil, open this book, and get started. Your eyes will thank you, your spirit will be refreshed, and your brain will get the exercise to become stronger! 192 pages