Acceleration Part One: Fire

Acceleration Part One: Fire

Russell Evans, Venture 3 Media - April 8, 2020
ISBN-13: 9781950247042
Book Format: Paperback
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In this book, Russell Evans explores the fire of God — what feeds it, what causes it to spread, and what can quench it in our lives. Through engaging stories and testimonials, Russell shares valuable insights and strategies that will help every Christian to keep their hearts burning strong with spiritual fire, regardless of the season or life circumstances they may be facing. Unlike natural bushfires that destroy, you will learn that the fire of God purifies, strengthens, equips, and empowers us to live a fulfilled and fruitful life focused on His Kingdom and eternal rewards. This is a fire that grows in intensity as we pursue deeper relationship with Jesus and has the potential to explode into an unstoppable firestorm when combined with the fires of other passionate believers! You will be challenged and blessed by this timely revelation!