Prayer & Praise Corner

Knowing that prayer is the answer to all of our needs, Betty Smith has been encouraging bookstores to pray for each other.  Over the past two years, we have received numerous praise reports from stores on what God is doing in their personal lives and businesses. Please feel free to call Betty any time day or night with your prayer needs at 615.906.9798, or you can call New Day and leave a message on our prayer line and Betty will call you back. 

Dottie Leonard Miller, New Day’s owner and founder, believes it will encourage us all if we share these wonderful praise reports, with names removed, of course. Each month we will be posting praise reports on our new Prayer & Praise Corner at Be encouraged and pray for one another as we pray for all of you.

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Answered Prayer Requests

Several of our stores joined in to pray for each other last year, & as a result have committed to continuing on this year.  Here are some answers to prayer that you all have shared with Betty:

One woman had asked for prayer for an odor in their store that they could not locate.  After prayer, she reported that they were able to get the matter taken care of & was praising God for all of you who prayed.

Despite slow business, one prayer warrior stated that God always gives enough to bless a lot of people!

One store is selling more books because customers are telling him they want a book in their hands & not a digital copy.

One of you had a sister who was in Paris at the time of the shooting attacks.  Prayers were lifted that she was not one of the lost, & a short time later, word came that she was safe.

One woman stated she prayed with us last year, & as a result, there were all kinds of testimonies.  When Betty would call & pray with her, all kinds of things would start happening.

One of you has 5 children who have been saved but had strayed from the Lord.  As a result of a tragedy, one of them returned to the Lord.  We are believing the other 4 will come back to Him.  **Mothers, don't lose faith your children will come back to the Lord!!**

Another woman asked for prayer for a large amount of money to be able to stay in the store.  Two hours later, she called Betty back & said a person came into her store and told her that God had sent him to give her the money she needed to stay in business.  It was more than she needed and she was able to pay some other bills.  This same customer called in the next day to say that half of her ceiling fell in, resulting in dust & dirt falling on her inventory.  Right after, a man entered her store & asked what had happened.  When she told him, and that she didn't have the finances to fix it, he offered to fix it for nothing.  It only cost her $20 for materials.

A man said that he was in an old building and had been praying for help.  A customer walked in & told him he was lead to give him a brand new building.  This same man who gave the building was in monument sales & from another town.  After asking the bookstore owner if he would be willing to sell monuments, along with his other work, the bookstore owner is now getting 20% commission on all sales; another answer to prayer.

One of you told Betty that several people had been receiving miracles & that you had never had one.  Then, out of the blue, someone showed up with a big truck loaded with overstock product from another store, & just gave you everything on the truck.  You said it was a big miracle to you!

One of you has a co-worker who had a stroke, affecting her speech & legs; but, through prayer, she no longer walks with a cane & has come back to work on a part-time basis.  Prayers are still needed for a job for your son & more help in the store due to the manager & owner's family member needing full-time care.

Another of you had neck surgery & after prayer, was healing much better.

A man who has been praying with everyone said a lot of things have changed because of the joint prayer.  He came into some money & is considering retirement.

One lady has cancer, but is getting treatment and getting better.

More and more people are coming into stores, discussing their level of faith & trying to learn more.

One woman said she thought a miracle with the prayer group is the number of stores willing to pray for one another.

Another said she has been praying since the first day Betty called & business has been great there.  She values the prayers of so many people praying together; more customers & more money to pay their help and their bills.

Many of you have said that prayer has kept you in business.  You believe if you hadn't been praying, you would have been closed a long time ago.

Betty prayed with one lady for healing, not knowing that very morning, she herself had prayed for the same thing, with the very same words.  She was amazed.  Betty shared with her that that was confirmation that God heard her prayer and wanted to let her know that He was bringing her to the desire of her heart.

Another one moved to a new location & did not have money yet for a new sign.  While God had not met the need for the sign yet, the day before she & Betty spoke, was their first big day since the move!

One woman had a book sale at a church; and, in 10 hours they sold $5500, and she made over $1000 profit.  Praise God!

Another woman asked for prayer for her daughter, who was having brain surgery.  When Betty checked back in, the surgery was successful.  While still in pain & praying that she doesn't lose some of her hearing, we are thankful to God for her life.

After prayer, a business who has been struggling is still praising God for being there for 22 years & counting. 

Another store has a friend who is a radio announcer and she is telling everyone to visit their store.  The station is a secular station, & they are praising God for the opportunity to reach the secular world!

Awhile ago a store asked for prayer for a friend of theirs who was pregnant & told the baby would be born with a heart murmur & they had asked for prayer.  They called to tell that they had done more tests & the tests are now negative, & the baby will be fine!  Hallelujah!

Another lady called to say we had prayed for her throat & lung infection 2 weeks prior & she was completely healed.

And, another who asked for 2 blood clots in her daughter's lungs to be dissolved called back to say that after prayer, they did dissolve.  And, while they left some small pieces in her lungs, we are now believing God will remove those also.   This same customer said her 12 year old grandson had a stroke at birth, and when he was in the nursery, a nurse noticed some symptoms & decided to stay with him instead of going off duty, because of her discernment of the stroke.  Because of this, they were able to help him before it was too late.  He is doing fine now.  Had the nurse gone home as she was supposed to, they were told he would not have made it.  Praise God for His goodness!

Another lady called to say her daughter had a brain tumor, but when the surgeon went in to do the surgery to remove it, there was nothing there!

Many of you are thankful & praising God because it seems on the very day Betty calls, those are the days you are needing encouragement, or prayer.  You can never underestimate the people God puts in your path to minister to.  :)

Betty is always praying for hundreds of people in our large prayer group, made up of so many bookstores.  Everyone needs prayer.  It is such an honor for her to pray for so many wonderful people, & how kind & loving all the people are who work in these stores.  All of you who pray each day for all the stores will be blessed because you are all messengers of God and He is very thankful for so many of you to reach out to one another.  Keep putting the blood of Jesus on everything.  REMEMBER:  The blood of Jesus never loses a battle!  We all look forward to the rest of our 2016!!  

Lots of Love!  
Betty Smith & the New Day Staff